June 29, 2022

30 crore people on priority for Covid-19 vaccination in the upcoming months, says PM Modi

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Prior to the first phase of Covid-19 vaccination drive to be initiated from January 16 in parts of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that India has in the best possible manner to put forth federalism amid the battle against the pandemic and it was done efficiently with the proper conversation between the Centre and the states.

While addressing the chief ministers regarding the launch of vaccination drive, the Prime Minister revealed that as many as 30 crore people would be administered the Covid-19 vaccine in the upcoming months. Modi mentioned that immediate decisions were taken and are implemented, with which the spread of Covid-19 in India has not been at a wider scale compared to the other countries.

Modi said, “The proper dialogue between Centre and States has played a major role in combating COVID-19. In the fight against the COVID-19, we have worked in an exemplary manner to showcase federalism. I’m satisfied that we work together by standing united in COVID crisis, quick decisions were taken with full sensitivity.”

The Prime Minister said India will be commencing the largest vaccination programme in the world from January 16 and alongside two indigenous vaccines have got the approval for emergency use authorization.

Modi added “We aim to vaccinate 30 crore people in the next few months. Around 3 crores healthcare workers and frontline workers will be vaccinated in the first phase of vaccination. In the second phase, those above 50 years and those under 50 years with co-morbid conditions will be vaccinated.”

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