An abandoned truck found in MP with 2.40 lakh doses of Covaxin

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A truck was transporting 2.40 lakh doses of the Covid-19 vaccine Covaxin to Karnal in Haryana has been found to be deserted on Friday in strangely mysterious conditions around a distance of 900 kilometres away in Narisinghpur in Madhya Pradesh, revealed the police on Saturday.
The incident has been reported at a time when the Covid-19 vaccination drive in the country is facing problems due to shortage of the vaccines for the masses.
According to Vipul Shrivastava, superintendent of Police (SP), Narsinghpur, the truck driver was missing, however the vaccines were stored properly in the refrigerators and found to be in working and functional conditions.
The police official further revealed, “The truck with Tamil Nadu registration number was going to Karnal in Haryana from Hyderabad. A few people on Friday informed us that a truck was left abandoned in the Kareli area of the district. Police reached the spot and checked the papers to find bills worth ₹8 crore of Covaxin.”
Shrivastava stated a Gurgaon-based transport company owned the truck and when made an attempt to get in touch with the driver named Vikas Mishra, he could not be traced for the last 12 hours. The cyber police further searched for the driver, whose mobile was tracked near a Dhaba in Narsinghpur. He further added, “While the mobile phone was found in nearby bushes, the driver was nowhere to be found.”
Afterwards, the transport company sent another driver to Narisnghpur to drive the truck to Karnal, which was initiated on Friday night while the police carried on with the ongoing investigation to trace the driver.

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