Bengaluru ranks third in road accidents among top cities

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Bengaluru has taken the third position among the top million cities in the country consecutively for the second time in a row in terms of the number of road accidents.

A total of 4,684 accidents and 768 deaths happened in 2019 in the capital city of Karnataka, which marks an increase in 1.6% and 12% respectively. The numbers, when compared to 2018, recorded 4,129 accidents and 668 deaths, as per the information and report released by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.

Bengaluru remains on third position for road accidents, but had the fourth highest deaths in 2019, dropping one rank lower from 2018.

Road accidents in overall Karnataka

The state of Karnataka, however, has observed a slight decline in the the frequency of road accidents and death for 2019. Comparing the records, a count of 41, 701 accidents which includes 10,990 deaths in 2018 and for 2019, 40, 658 accidents were recorded which comprises of 10,958 deaths. Karnataka took the 5th position in 2019, as compared to 4th in 2018, for reduction in cases. However, the state continued to be 4th for the number of deaths.

Road accidents in India

Chennai and Delhi continue to hold the first and second positions accounting to 6871 accidents and 1252 deaths and 5,601 accidents and 1463 deaths in 2019 respectively. Though, both the cities have taken drastic measures to cut down on accidents by 9.35 % and 13.98 %.

Regarding the total frequency in the country, in 2019, 4,49,002 accidents happened, which lead to 151,113 fatalities and 451, 361 injuries, which marks a decrease in deaths by 0.20 % and 3.85 % decrease in injuries as compared to 2018, according to the Road Accident Report for 2019.

Secretary of Union Ministry of Road Transport, Giridhar Aramane, stated, “The decline in road accidents, killings and injury reported during the calendar year 2019 appear to have been a result of the Motor Vehicle Act implemented in States from September I, 2019, which focused on road safety and included, among other thing stiff hike in penalties for traffic violations as well as electronic enforcement.”

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