Comorian foreign minister expresses gratitude towards India for food assistance

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Comorian Foreign Minister Dhoihir Dhoulkamal has expressed gratitude towards India with the assistance provided by India of 100o metric tonnes of rice and also called India and Comorians are brothers.

In a tweet, India in Madagascar & Comoros posted, “A picture is worth a thousand words. Comorian Foreign Minister Dhoihir Dhoulkamal, thanks Govt. and the people of India for the generous support of 1000 tonnes of rice and calls Indians and Comorians as brothers, in a video with @AmbassadorAbhay.”

Indian naval ship Jalashwa reached the port of Anjouan, in Comoros on Sunday for delivering 1,000 metric tonnes of rice.

Indian Naval Ship Kesari had reached Comoros in June 2020 with a batch of Covid-19 related essential medicine supplies along with a 14-member India medical team to assist the Comorian health authorities for handling the Covid-19 situation along with dengue fever.

The Embassy of India in Antananarivo, Madagascar and Comoros revealed the shipment of 1000 metric tonnes of rice along with the medical support by India to Comoros in the moment of need, which is a clear indication of India’s commitment for working with Comoros, who is a maritime neighbour and partner in the Indian Ocean region.

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