Dr K Sudhakar registers as eye donor on the occasion of World Health Day

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Karnataka Minister for Health, Family Welfare and Medical Education Dr K Sudhakar on the occasion of World Health Day has taken the step of registering self as an eye donor on Wednesday. He further inspired more number of people to come forward and take the pledge of eye donation. Commemorating World Health Day, a walkathon was held by Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences outside the Vidhana Soudha in Bengaluru. A programme to spread awareness about eye donation was also held at the Minto hospital. Post registering self, Dr Sujataha Rathod, Director of Minto Hospital also gave the registration certificate to Dr Sudhakar.

While addressing the occasion, Dr Sudhakar appealed to people to take the step of registering their eyes for donation. He said, “Eyes can bring a ray of hope and light in the life of others after our death.”

He added, “Our donation may be a boon for others. This is a noble cause and everybody should register themselves to bring a ray of hope for others.”

Dr K Sudhakar further noted, “More than 40 thousand eye donations are happening in India every year. Out of which 30-35 thousand become available on time. About five thousand pairs of eyes have not been able to be collected at the right time due to various reasons. It is, therefore, necessary for the relatives of the donors to approach the nearest eye hospital soon after the death. There is a need to spread awareness regarding this. People should know that eye donation is noble.” He also reiterated that eye donation is free of cost.

He further went to post on Twitter about his message on eye donation saying, “On the occasion of #WorldHealthDay, happy to share that today I pledged to donate my eyes. I appeal to everyone to come forward and pledge to donate their eyes. Let us be the reason for someone to see the sunshine. Let us make other’s future bright by donating our sight.”

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