Iraq and Iran collaborate together on border cooperation and trade

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Iran and Iraq on Saturday have jointly collaborated on enhancing the border cooperation and trade between the neighbouring countries which have been affected by the pandemic’s crisis.

As per the data collected from a government website, President Hassan Rouhani told Fuad Hussein (Iraqi Foreign Minister), “We remain committed to increasing political, economic and cultural cooperation between the two countries.”

Hussein emphasized on enforcing bilateral accords in the border regions with the essential cooperation, transportation and trade to maintained between the two countries.

This comes after the economic instability in the both countries hit by Covid-19 emergency. Moreover, Iran persistently suffers due to U.S. sanctions and Iraq’s economy has been worst affected by continued wars over the years. Rouhani further added, “We consider the presence of American forces in the region, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan or the southern states of the Persian Gulf, to the detriment of security and stability in the region.”

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