Karnataka’s COVID-19 vaccination second phase will be extending to inoculate around 2 Crore people.

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For the second phase of the largest vaccination drive in the world, the state of Karnataka will be administering the vaccines to around 2 crore people with above 60 age group along with people with co-morbidities. The second phase of vaccination will be commencing on March 1 throughout the country. The Director of the National Health Mission (Karnataka) Dr Arundhati Chandrasekhar IAS chaired a meeting regrading the vaccination drive on Thursday afternoon. The district authorities will thereby be given final guidelines pertaining to the roll-out in a few days.

The Health Department had initiated door-to-door survey throughout the state to get a count on the number of beneficiaries. Considering the capital city, Bengaluru, over 4,000 ASHA workers together with the officials representing the health department of the civic body were deployed for curating the target list.

Based on the declaration by the Union Government, the private centres will also administer vaccines, though with a cost price. It has estimated according to the sources the price will be Rs 300, as fixated by the Government.

The Centre also gave the declaration that as many as 10 crore people above age of 60 will be the target for the second phase. The beneficiaries will have to follow the protocol by registering on the updated versions of Co-WIN and Aarogya Setu applications. For those who cannot register via the applications, will be able to register in the designated registration centres along with several other Common Services Centres as Bangalore One.

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