Modi inaugurates Kochi-Mangaluru natural gas pipeline, says Gas based economy crucial for Atmanirbhar Bharat

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi unleashed the energy roadmap of the government, anticipating over double the share of the cleaner natural gas in the combustion basket, digressing further into sources of energy, bridging the nation to one gas pipeline grid and bringing economical fuel for the people and industry.

During the inauguration ceremony of the 450 km long natural gas pipeline between Kerala’s Kochi to Karnataka’s Mangaluru, Modi said India is seeking unprecedented work on the highways, railway, metro, air, water, digital and gas connectivity under his government which is further enhancing the economy of the country.

Modi mentioned the government has an integrated approach to energy planning and the energy agenda of the government is all-inclusive.

The natural gas pipeline network is doubling to about 32,000 km in the upcoming 5-6 years, on the other side, the state of Gujarat will also have the biggest renewable power plant in the world with the blend of both wind and solar power.

During the inauguration, PM Modi said, “It is an honour to dedicate the 450 km long pipeline to nation. This is an important day for India, especially for people of Karnataka and Kerala. India is focusing on gas based economy and a lot of work is being done o ‘One Nation, One Gas Grid.’ The gas based economy is also crucial for Atmanirbhar Bharat.”

Also present in the inauguration ceremony were Governors and Chief ministers of Karnataka and Kerala and also the Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural gas.

During his address, Modi emphasized on working together on initiatives and the power behind collaboration and cooperation. He said, “The Kochi-Mangaluru pipeline is an an example that if everyone works together by prioritising development, no goal is unachievable. This pipeline is going to prove very important in accelerating the development of both the states.”

Modi further added, “It is just not a pipeline but it will be a major driver of development in both states.”

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