Twitter to complete the prolonged ‘fleets’ rollout by Friday

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Twitter Inc has fixed most of the problems adhering to the performance attributes regarding the recently instituted ephemeral ‘fleets” products. It is anticipated that the feature will be launched globally by Friday, according to the details revealed by the company’s chief in a live chat on Thursday.

Product Lead at Twitter, Kayvon Beykpour said, “”As we were rolling out over the first 24 hours, we stumbled into some load performance issues.”

He further added, “We have since caught most of the issues that were concerning us in terms of slowing down the rollout … we’re hoping that, certainly in the next 24 hours, pretty much everyone will have it.”

Regarding the privacy and security issues, Beykpour said some early adopters had put forth the issues relative to the fleets, or precisely for the tweets that are accessible for a period of one day or 24 hours, but iterated the issues would be addressed in the forthcoming changes and updates.

To be originally launched by Twitter on Tuesday, fleets was initially tested in a number of countries. However, the feature was slowly rolled out for resolving the performance and stability problems.

The experts consider the tool to come with a lot of added worries and concerns inclining to online harassment, which includes permit for undesired direct messages, which would be an ardent task to tackle with an ephemeral product. The feature also has the option of permitting fleet authors to tag along those Twitter users who have blocked them.

Beykpour assured that Twitter is working on evading away the links relative to the tags in a span of one day to address the blocking issues, but also cautioned that it would a longer period of time to scour “better solutions” pertaining to the other issues.

He said, “Can’t promise that’s going to be an overnight quick fix, but we’re absolutely thinking about it.”

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