Yediyurappa withdraws the order of night curfew in Karnataka right before its implementation

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Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has withdrawn the decision of imposing a night curfew in the state just six hours prior to its implementation on Thursday.

In a statement, Yediyurappa stated, “Based on experts’ opinion, it was decided to impose a night curfew aimed at curbing the spread of the new Covid-19 strain detected in Britain and other countries. However, in the wake of public opinion that a night curfew is not necessary, it has been decided to withdraw it after discussions with Cabinet colleagues and senior officials.”

The Chief Minister appealed to the citizens to have self restraint, wear masks and maintain social distancing. He urged the citizens in the state to take the precautions, avoid unnecessary travel and adhere to the Covid-19 protocols and regulations of the government, which is “to help stop the spread of the virus.”

On Wednesday, a decision was passed by Yediyurappa of having a statewide night curfew commencing from Thursday, from 11 pm to 5 am which would end on January 2 at 5 am. The decision triggered a mixed response and a lot of people questioned on the use of it.

From the past couple of days, the state government has been quite flaky about the decision of a night curfew. On Tuesday, Yediyurappa said a night curfew was required presently. On Wednesday, Yediyurappa gave two announcements. In the first declaration, Yediyurappa declared the imposition of a night curfew according to the advice given by the Government of India and the Technical Advisory Committee. In the second statement, the curfew was revised, from Wednesday 10 pm – 6 am to Thursday 11 pm – 5am. Opposition leader, Siddaramaiah commented the decision of the state government to have a night curfew is amusing. He said, “Except private vehicles, the government allowed buses, taxis and autos to ply. This is the decision of a mad government.”

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