Afghanistan has initiated releasing Taliban prisoners

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Afghanistan has started the controversial process of releasing hundreds of prisoners belonging to Taliban. As per the AFP news agency, the Afghanistan authorities have liberated 200 prisoners since Monday, whereas, The Taliban have set-free four Afghan commandos.

Ending the two decades conflict
Taliban and Afghanistan have a 19 years long conflict and to settle it with
negotiations, preconditions to release the prisoners was given by Taliban. After the complete release, both the countries are supposedly having a peace talk in Qatar. An Afghan official told AFP about release of “dozens” of prisoners on Monday, with the remaining due to follow suit “within a couple of days”.
A part of the peace deal between US and Taliban finalized in February was pertaining to release of 5,000 militants. This would eventually lead to peace-talks between the Afghanistan government and Taliban. As the Afghan grand assembly of elders gave approval, the Afghan government initiated the release of 400 Taliban prisoners.

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