Citizenship law to be implemented in Bengal once Covid-19 ends: Amit Shah

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The Covid-19 vaccination drive is highly targeted as once it is completed throughout the country and as the citizens are safe from Covid-19, the Centre will take the call of implementing the new citizenship law, declared Union Home Minister Amit Shah in West Bengal on Thursday. He further emphasized that no Muslim individual will lose out on the Indian citizenship due to the new law.

Amit Shah spoke about the implementation at Thakurnagar, North 24 Paragnas district, West Bengal to the Dalit Mahua community who want the laws to be implemented at the earliest. At the crowded rally, Amit Shah said, “We promised in 2019 that we will amend the citizenship law and asked the Matua community to support us in the Lok Sabha polls. They did not fail us. We kept our word and passed the law in 2020 but the country was hit by the pandemic. Mamata Banerjee campaigned that we are making false promises. She said she will stop the law from being enforced in Bengal. Today, I promise that the law will be enforced once vaccination is done and Coronavirus is gone.”

He declared a series of SOPs for the Matuas who are included in the backward Namasudra community which has the potential of altering the poll results with 80 seats. The BJP has pledged to overthrow the Trinamool Congress by emerging victorious with over 200 seats.

To implementation of CAA, Mamta Banerjee said she would not allow the same. Banerjee said, “My backward class friends include not just the Matuas but people from all groups and sub-castes. I seek your support in this election. Please save Bengal. I do not make promises like the Centre. I deliver results. Commitments are my credential. The BJP has stopped the funds of many NGO’s. I promised to help you implement your programmes.”

She further said, “The poll schedule is likely to be declared in a day or two. Support us today and we will provide you a lot of opportunities tomorrow.” By pointing towards Amit Shah, Mamta Banerjee said, “You accuse the nephew (Abhishek Banerjee) of making money. Tell the people where your son got all the money from.”

Also, speaking of Shah’s visit to Bengal, Banerjee said, “All are welcome in Bengal. But things he said, the vulgar words he used and the giant-like body language does not suit the home minister of a country. You can insult me but you cannot ignore me. Didi (Banerjee) will slit her own throat but will not surrender.”

In December, when JP Nadda visited Bengal, he said the rules are being formulated pertaining to the law and will be implemented in Bengal too. Amit Shah said, “You (Banerjee) cannot stop us because you will not be the chief minister after April. The BJP will embrace all refugees who came to this country seeking shelter. I want to assure our Muslim brothers that they will not lose citizenship because of this law. The law does not take away citizenship rights. Not a single Muslim will be affected. The law has no such provision.”

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