Family deliberates on suicide of Siddi youth, suspects foul play

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A resident from Uttara Kannada district, a youth representing the Siddi community, lost his life under extremely mysterious scenario. It has been rumored that he died by suicide and an alleged suicide notes was discovered. Though, the police is waiting patiently for the reports from post-mortem which will reveal the cause of the youth’s death.

Shimav Michael Kambrekar, a chauffer by profession at a renowned hotel around the Trinity Circle, Central Bengaluru had gone back to his native for a family function. Shimav came back on November 17, for taking his salary, which was upheld for around 10 months.

Kambrekar spoke to his employer for clearing of the payments on the pretext of his marriage ceremony schedule for November 22. After which, no further contact was established by the youth.

His family was concerned after not being able to contact him, so they camne to Bengaluru to serach for him. It was then, they were acquainted about his mysterious death from his colleagues.

Sanju, Shimav’s uncle is in double minds about the youth’s act of committing suicide. He kept on iterating that Shimav could not take his own life. Sanju mentioned about taking Shimav’s cellphone from one of his colleagues, however, all the data was cleared in his phone.

Sanju further emphasized on the point that the alleged suicide note is not in his usual handwriting. He further revealed about the argument Shivam had with his boss who had blamed him for the theft of a rice bag. This made Shivam very upset and he urged the employer to take the cost of the rice bag from his salary, and pay him the remnants.

The police force has directed the youth’s body for post-mortem post the consent of the family and are waiting for the results to find the answers of his mysrerious death.

Siddis, inherently from East Africa, are an ethnic tribe particularly based in Uttara Kannada, were originally brought to India as slaves centuries ago.

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