Rajnikant to declare new political party scheduled for Dec 31

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Rajnikant, the megastar in Tamil Nadu and South Indian films declared on Thursday tgat he would be announcing his new political party scheduled on December 31, right on time before the Tamil Nadu assembly elections.

The actor shared the news on Twitter. Rajnikant tweeted, “A political party will be launched in January! We will work hard and register a victory. “

Ahead of the declaration, Rajnikant had conducted a meeting with district secretaries of Rajini Makkal Mandram on Monday.

While addressing the reporters post the meeting, Rajnikant stated, “We exchanged views in today’s meeting with district secretaries. They assured they would support me in whatever decision I make. I will make the decision as soon as possible.”

Earlier in July, former deputy mayor of Chennai, who is also a very good friend of Rajnikant, Karate Thiagarajan had revealed about Rajnikant’s plan oc launching a new political party by the end of thd year.

Thiagarajan said, “Superstar Rajnikant said on March 12, that he will launch his party. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he was unable to launch his party in August. Based on my confirmed source he will launch the party in November.” The assembly elections will be held in the month of April – May for Tamil Nadu.

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