Local bus services affected in Karnataka over the strike of bus employees

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The local bus services operational under the state government of Karnataka will be affected, as the transport employees have called for a strike with the demand to be considered as employees of the government.

The state of Karnataka has over 1.2 lakh workers working with KSRTC, BMTC< NEKRTC and NWKRTC. According to sources, the bus services of all the types are affected as the transport employees including the drivers and conductors are not reporting for their duty on Friday morning. Due to the protests, the state run bus operations are doing the compilation of the canceled schedules.

The farmers who were protesting against the contentious farm laws have also extended their support to the transport employees. The strike has been called to put forth their demands, which includes shifting them to a government payroll, and be given the same privileges and incentives like the government employees and also a compensation of Rs 30 lakh to be paid to those who died during the Covid-19 duty.

The transport employees protest by carrying a rally from KSR Bengaluru City railway station to Freedom Park and then further marched towards Vidhan Soudha via Raj Bhavan Road. Hundreds of protesters were arrested when they tried to lay siege to Soudha. The protests were carried out with the banner representing the State Road Transport Joint Associations Federations and are anticipating to conduct a rally in the vicinity of the city railway station on Friday.

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