United Nations chief gives a famine warning to 4 countries

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United Nations Secretary – General Antonio Guterres has given a warning about the possibility of famine and food insecurity to four countries which are having conflict issues and about how dangerous it can be for millions of lives. The four countries are Congo, Yemen, northeast Nigeria and South Sudan.

The Security Council members received notes further received by the Associated Press on Friday consisted of the remarks of the UN chief. Antonio Guterres stated that these four countries have the largest food crisis in the world as per the data from the 2020 Global Report on food crisis. He said that action is needed now as the countries have suffered through years of conflicts and violence and may face food insecurity and a potential famine.

Mr. Guterres further mentioned that key indications are dropping likewise in other conflict enduring countries inclusive of Somalia, Burkina Faso and Afghanistan.

UN chief stated that food security issues in conflict affected countries is now further exacerbated by incidence of natural disasters, economic shocks and public health crisis, compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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