We will be in a situation to provide vaccines for above 50 years of age in March, says Harsh Vardhan

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Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan revealed on Monday that the Centre will be in a situation to provide vaccines for the people above 50 years of age group in the month of March. He also pointed that more than 18 Covid-19 vaccines will be available across the country in the upcoming months.

He iterated about India supplying Covid-19 vaccines in required quantities to 20-25 countries.

Harsh Varshan said, “We will be in a situation to administer vaccines to those above 50 years of age in March. Eighty to eighty five per cent of the frontline workers have been vaccinated so far in the country. At least 18-20 vaccines are in preclinical, clinical and advanced stages. We can expect them in the coming months.”

He further added, “It is crucial that people continue to follow COVID-19 appropriate behaviour which I had called a social vaccine, along with the real vaccine, In the last seven days, no new cases of COVID-19 have been reported in the 188 districts of the country.”

Besides Covid-19, there were seven other health-related outbreaks in the world, according to ICMr, said Harsh Vardhan.

He said, “Our country was safe from those. Also, in the last few years, we have been successful in battling H1N1, Zika, Nipah, among other virus outbreaks in the country.”

He further added, “I believe, if the dream ‘Health for All’ is ever to be fulfilled in the world, its model will be developed in India. Our holistic approach, ancient medical wisdom, other health facilities and systems collectively will make a model which can be emulated for the world.”

The cumulative count of vaccinated people in the country amounts to 82,85,295 revealed the Ministry.

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