13 villages lose out on road connectivity over Uttarakhand glacier outburst

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As many as 13 villages in the Himalayan ranges have lost the road connectivity over the five bridges, which also includes the road that extends to China border were washed away amid the flash floods in Uttarakhand invoked by the glacier outburst.

Raini village is settled on a couple of mountain ranges which are distanced by the river Rishiganga, which merges eventually with river Dhauliganga. The landslide which was incident on Sunday has washed away a solid bridge connecting the two villages, which has disrupted the road connectivity, thereby imposing the government to utilize helicopter for supplying food packets.

A local resident said, “This is Raini Chak Subhai and across the river is Raini Chak Lata,” Apart from the bridge, four cable stayed bridges which is a general attribute for the mountain ranges has also been disrupted.

ITBP revealed, “Raini Chak Lata, Pang, Suki, Bhallagaon, Suraithota, Tolma, Long Segdi (Tamak) and Jumma –located across the river Rishiganga have lost road connectivity, Sher Singh Butola, Assistant Commandant, First Battalion.”

Meanwhile, the villages Jugju, Juwagwad, Bhanyal, Gahar, and Aira through the river Dhuliganga also do not have the road connectivity.

Butola iterated, “We have pressed helicopters into service and they have been evacuating those requiring medical help and airdropping food supplies.”

The disruption in the road connection has refrained Chetan Rana and his brother Ravi are unable to go to school as it is located across the river in Raini Chak Lata. Ravi said, “It has been a few days that we had resumed school after the closure due to coronavirus,” thereby indicating the remnants of the bridge which was the exclusive connection for passing the river.

The locals said that a house which was on the edge of the road was also washed away. Jaiprasad and Harendra, the brothers of Kaleram were in-charge as the security guards at the Rishiganga hydel project and are not seen from Sunday. Kaleram said, “The security office was located near the bridge and now it is gone under the debris.”

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