240 million Covid-19 vaccine doses administered in India till now

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India has overall administered more than 240 million Covid-19 vaccine doses as of Wednesday, as the Co-WIN portal was further updated with the data to permit changes in the vaccine certificates.

Alongside, the US revealed that it will purchase 500 million additional doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to contribute it via the global  COVAX alliance for the lower income countries and the African Union in the following year.

As of 7pm on Wednesday, the total count of doses vaccinated accounts to 242,479,167, which constitutes 10,012,624 healthcare workers who have received their first dose and 6,911,311  of them have also been given the second dose. Also, around 16,471,228 frontline workers are given the first dose and 8,751,277 have also been administered the second dose.

From the 45-60 years of age, 73,323,267 beneficiaries have received the first dose and another 11,622,718 people have been inoculated with the second dose as well. For the senior citizens category (above 60+ age),  61,638,580 individuals have been given the first dose, while 19,534,203 of them have been vaccinated with the second dose as well.

For the 18-45 age group,  1,924,924 individuals have been inoculated with the preliminary dose of the vaccine against Coronavirus and  86,450 have got the second dose on Wedmesday and overall 33,808,845 people have got the first dose and 405,114 have completed the second dose as well throughout the country.

As of today evening, as many as 3,131,759 Covid-19 vaccine doses have been administered, from which, 2,837,572 beneficiaries were inoculated with the first dose while 294,187 individuals received the second dose.

Alongside, India observed the highest single-day surge in the death count with 6,148 fresh fatalities over the last 24 hours raising the overall death count of the country to 359,676, as per the data released by Union ministry of health and family welfare’s (MoHFW) on Thursday morning.

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