34 school students test positive for Covid-19 in Karnataka

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With a surge in the Covid-19 cases in the state, the state of Karnataka is under a state of panic as 34 students attending classes under Vidyagama scheme in the districts of Belagavi and Kalaburgi tested positive for Covid-19. This comes up, rightly at the time the state government is debating whether to resume schools and colleges or not.

The students, primarily, 30 in number are studying in the Government Kannada Primary School, which is in Ramdurg Taluk in Belagavi district and and the 4 students come from Model Primary School from Afzalpur Taluk of Kalaburagi.

As the residents got acquainted with the information, they immediately refrained the teachers entry into the villages. BEO Mallikarjun reported to Deccan Herald that the village had random testing for Covid-19 on October 4, which brought the alarming report of 30 symptomatic cases among students and also 6 adults including teachers were tested positive for Covid-19.

Alongside, in Kalaburagi, random testing was conducted on September 22 on 203 students and teachers from the 19 locations where Vidyagama scheme is conducted. . Also, on October 5, samples from 24 students and four teachers were collected and the results were anticipated, mentioned BEO.

A B Pundalik, Deputy Director of Public Instruction stated about not having any information pertaining to the incident and emphasized on an intricate inquiry to examine the Covid-19 protocols were followed or not. Post the reports of students being tested Covid-19 positive, Vidyagama scheme has been restrained till the further orders from the state government. Vidyagama is a learning scheme instituted by the Education Department for giving education access to the students of the government school during the pandemic.

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