4 dead, 120 injured in Strong, 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Aegan sea rattling Turkey, Greece

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A strong earthquake hit the Aegan sea, where 4 people have died and 120 have been severely injured, revealed the country’s disaster management on Friday. The vibrations were felt in both Turkey and Greece, where some buildings broke down near the coastal province of Izmir. A government minister stated people were struggling while being trapped in rubble.

The earthquake, had a magnitude around 7, make it intense, and invoking panic among the masses, who crowded in the streets of Izmir city, revealed witnesses.Though no injuries as such were reported in Greece, but the tremors were incident on Greek islands, which according to the officials triggered panic among the residents.

According to Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, six buildings collapsed in two districts belong to the coastal city of Izmir. However, Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum, said five buildings collapsed and that people were entangled under the rubble. The mayor of Izmir, Tunc Soyer stated around 20 buildings were collapsed.

Turkey highly prone to earthquakes among the countries in the world.

George Dionysiou, the local vice-mayor said, “We have never experienced anything like it.. People are panicking.” A Greek spokesperson revealed there were some damage to old buildings on the island, but no report of any severe injuries.

Regarding the magnitude of the earthquake, AFAD put it at 6.6, while the US Geological Survey estimated 7.0. The earthquake hit the Aegan Sea at 1150 GMT and the epicentre was 11 miles off the coast of the Izmir province, 16 km deep, AFAD stated, According to the US Geological Survey, the depth was 10 km and epicentre was 33. km off Turkey’s coast.

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