Another Nirbhaya’s story of rape survivor Manisha from Hathras

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A 19-year old Dalit girl, Manisha, was raped by four men in Uttar Pradesh, succumbed to fatal injuries during the attack and took her last breath on Tuesday morning in Safdargunj hospital.

Manisha was brutally raped by four upper caste men on September 14 in Hahras. The attack happened when she had gone to fodder the animals. Manisha was wearing a salwar kameez and the four accused rapists pulled her through her dupatta and then gangraped her. As per the data from the multiple reports, her tongue was cut, her spine was broken and she was tortured brutally.

According to the NDTV reports, the four accused have been arrested, put behind the bars and charged with murder.

UP minister Siddharth Nath Singh stated, “The incident is very saddening. Our government stands with the victim’s family. Investigation started immediately and four accused have been arrested. Strict action will be taken. The law will take its course.”

The government, deeply saddened with the case, will be giving a compensation of four lakh rupees to the victim’s family.

The question arises, here is, is the life of a young girl, or any other person in country just worth a 4 lakh sum?

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