Apple probing violation of supplier protocols by Wistron’s Bengaluru facility

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Apple Inc is discerning whether its Taiwanese contractor Wiston Corp disregarded the supplier protocols at a violence affected iPhone manufacturing unit, in the vicinity of southern Indian city of Bengaluru, according to the Economic Times, naming the people familiar with the updates.

On Sunday, various media reports indicated the workers story, about them being disheartened regarding their particular working hours and payments invaded a Wistron factory and as many as 100 people were confined.

Wistron, is renowned as Apple’s top global supplying company, who manufactures iPhone7 and the second generation iPhone SE devices in India.

As per the reports of Times of India, two-battery-powered buggies were put on fire, six vehicles were disrupted and glass windows and facility were smashed with iron-rod wielding workers.

Apple remained silent when asked by Reuters for a comment and Wistron said that it was deeply shocked by the incident.

While addressing Taipei Stock Exchange, the company said, “The accident was caused by unknown persons bursting in and causing damage to the plant with unclear intentions. The company always abides by the law, and fully supports and is cooperating with relevant authorities and police investigations.” According to the report by Economic Times, Apple’s supplier guidelines make it mandatory for third party agencies to pay the workers timely and give them other benefits according to the rules following the timeline. Apple further stated about examining further regarding any irregularities in the decided wages and payment to the staff.

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