Armed Forces clinic conducts cycle rally on the eve of World Diabetes Day

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The Indian Army’s Armed Forces Clinic conducted a cycle rally from Teen Muti Marg till the National War Memorial based at the India Gate complex on Saturday on the eve of World Diabetes Day.

The rally hailing with the message of ‘Cycle to Avoid Diabetes’, which even had participation of the senior officials including Adjutant General Lt Gen Arvind Dutta.

The World Diabetes Day is commemorated every year on November 14. With the surge in the Covid-19 cases and the emerging air pollution levels in the national capital, the army officials wanted to increase the awareness among the masses about the importance of fitness and exercise with the cycle rally.

The objective of the rally is to build awareness regarding the comorbidities associated to Covid-19. As per the records of the Union Health Ministry, as many as 73 per cent of the Covid-19 deaths are related to comorbidities like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and respiratory ailments.

The experts have revealed that diabetes is the most common comorbidity in the Covid-19 patients.

(With inputs from ANI agency)

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