Australia discusses resuming travel with Japan, Korea as Coronavirus cases decline

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Australia is having discussion with countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore and also some South Pacific nations to resume travel services as the Coronavirus infection decline, spoke Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Sunday.

Earlier in March, Australia had closed the borders to contain the spread of the Coronavirus, but, is now seeking to restore tourism to recover from the first recession the country has had in three decades.

Morrison mentioned that he had a word with the respective Prime Ministers of Japan,South Korea and some Pacific nations. Alongside, foreign minister Marise Payne had discussion with Singapore about resuming travel plans.

Morrison stated in a televised media conference, “There are a number of countries that have performed well on the health front, and Australia and those countries are one of a handful of countries that have had the same level of success.”

“But we have to go cautiously on this – very, very cautiously. COVID-19 hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s still there. And it is no less aggressive today than it was six months ago,” he further added.

Presently, Australia has recorded 19 fresh cases of Covid-19 infection on Sunday, twelve alone from Victoria and one death. From Friday, people from New Zealand can travel to selective Australian states without the quarantine protocol, which extends to New South Wales, Canberra and the Northern Territory.

There have relaxations even in Victoria, and, permissions have been given by the state government to open shops in Melbourne, restarting outdoor dining and free movement from October 19 provided the fresh cases drop to 5 for two weeks average.

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