Bangladesh Army delegation to be a part of the grand parade on Republic Day celebrations

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A Bangladesh Army delegation will be taking part in the grand parade on the occasion of Republic Day on January 26 which also marks the 50th year of Indian victory over Pakistan in the 1971 year, according to the Defense officials.

The swift campaign undertaken by the Indian Army, which became one of the fastest and shortest campaigns of military history led to the origin of a new nation.

After Pakistan’s defeat in the 1971 war, the then Army Chief of Pakistan, General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi with his 93,000 troops had to surrender to the allied forces which also included the Indian Army personnel.

Considering the current Covid-19 situation and the fast transmission of the new strain, the government has taken the decision to lessen the number of visitors at the 2021 grand parade on the Republic Day, as a move to follow the Covid-19 protocols by avoiding large gathering and also maintain the practice of social distancing.

This year’s Republic Day marks the 72nd year of the historic date when the country did a complete transition and became an independent republic post the enforcement of the Constitution.

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