BBMP plans to vaccinate 1.5 lakh beneficiaries for the upcoming week

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BBMP Commissioner Manjunatha Prasad has expressed his discontent over the total of vaccinations happened in the city till now. Prasad raised the issues of the 100 government hospitals, private medical facilities and solo practitioners , he anticipated to have over 1.5 lakh vaccinations in the upcoming week and perform better than the current count of 33,797.

The Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMRCI) will need a sanction of a minimum 10 vaccination sites citing the sheer count of health workers to be inoculated at the medical college and the affiliated hospitals, said Dr Ranganath T S, HOD, Victoria Hospital – Community Medicine.

He said, “We have 6,020 employees in Victoria and only two to three session sites.. At this rate, it will take 30 days to vaccinate all since we have to run regular outpatient department services and non-Covid services.”

The records from the previous week state that only 1,638 health care workers have been inoculated, which accounts to a mere 27 % of the staff.

Prasad issued the orders for the officials in the West Zone to have extra vaccination  sites and have the vaccination at the hospital in the next four-five days.

Dr Ranganath said, “Suppose only eight out of 10 scheduled beneficiaries turn up, two doses will be wasted per vial.”

Ranganath further added, “Each site is given 10 vials for 100 beneficiaries. This multiplied by 10 may cause the number of doses wasted to increase to 20 per site.”

The Palike clarified that if the hospital has less than 10 beneficiaries, the BBMP may not schedule a vaccination site for such a number. When asked by Dr Jyotika Gupta from RxDx Hospital, Malleswaram, the Palike responded that in such instances the hospital can be tagged to the primary health centre in the vicinity or vaccination centre so the staff members can be vaccinated.

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