Bengaluru police take 10 drug peddlers into custody, apprehends drugs worth Rs. 90 lakh

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The Bengaluru police officers has arrested 10 drug peddlers and taken them into custody which includes an individual with Nigerian nationality, and captured drugs worth Rs. 90 lakh from them.

It was alleged that the drug peddlers used ‘dark web’ as the mode to procure the narcotics.

Police Commissioner Kamal Pant revealed on Monday the platform used by the accused was Tor Browser, which is a web browser that forwards data encrypted to enter into dark web, then purchased the drugs virtually by buying them through bitcoins. The drugs were transported to India by the mode of India Post, appearing as gifts and festive packets, which would cut down any doubts regarding the package.

After the peddlers received the drugs packages, the police claimed they carried out sales of the drugs in the city, particularly channeled towards college students and IT or technology industry service sector. The captured narcotic and drugs comprises of 660 LSD papers, 386 MDMA, 180 tablets of ecstasy, 12 grammes of crystal MDMA and 10 grammes of cocaine.

The Bengaluru police force stated about the investigations and raids conducted in different parts of the city, which includes, Indiranagar, HAL, HSR Layout, and other popular places in the city post a tip from the Customs Department.

The accused involved who are arrested include Zaman Anjameen, Mohammad Ali, Sarthak, Nitin, Amal Biju, Phoenix D Souza, Karthik Gowda, Venkat Varun, S Sahzi, and the Nigerian, Sanni O.

The cases have been filed at eight police stations in Bengaluru, based on their location subjected to police jurisdiction, and charged under different sections of the NDPS Act.

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