Bengaluru sex workers raise protest against ‘police brutalities’

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A count of sixty sex workers have raised a protest in Bengaluru in front of the Karnataka State Commission for Women’s Office initiating a complaint against the ‘brutalisation’ of the community by the police force.

Geetha, the secretary of Sadhana Mahila Sangha, a sex workers’ union, said, “Women enter (prostitution) due to various circumstances and it is not morally or legally correct to assault them or extract money from them. We want the commission to put an end to this exploitation.”

The women revealed the police officials kept them in police custody for late hours in the night, assault them physically and putting up false cases against them in order to exploit more money from them.

They also blamed the police for seizing their cellphones, giving calls to the landlords or families and causing disruptions in their regular lifestyle thereby impacting their personal lives.

Pramila Naidu, commission chairperson accepted the compliant and mentioned that she will pass on the compliant to the police commissioner and the DCPs for further investigation. Naidu also assured that she would be deliberating the CCTV footage of the police station to confirm the prevalence of the any infringement or violations.

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