Bengaluru will have 11 Covid-19 vaccination sites, Victor to administer 1,100 doses daily

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The six hospitals that have been chosen in the city for the first day of the Covid-19 vaccination drive from the overall 760 vaccination sites in the city are anticipating to receive the vaccines which will be delivered to them in the early hours of Saturday.

Syncing with the preparation, the facilities have prepared a separate ward for review and monitoring of any reactions such as anaphylaxis, which is the allergy response for medication and its symptoms comprises of rash, low pulse, and shock.

There will be 11 vaccination sites within the Victoria Hospital, following which nine sites in St John’s Hospital, three in KC General Hospital and one site in CV General Hospital. Jayanagar General Hospital and Mallasandra Primary Health Centre are the other two vaccination sites. Victoria Hospital has asked for a special permit to vaccinate around 200 health workers for their two sites (PMSSY and Institute of Nephrology (INU)) from the usual count of 100.

A senior doctor, Victoria Hospital, stated, “Though we won’t be one of the vaccination sites that the Prime Minister is inaugurating, the first-floor auditorium of PMSSY Hospital in Victoria has been chosen for Saturday’s launch. We will begin at 11.30 am as soon as the Prime Minister finishes the virtual inauguration. In all, Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute (BMCRI) and its affiliated hospitals have 6,000 staffers, and with 11 vaccination sites, we can finish vaccinating all our staff within six days.”

The hospital has alloted a 20-bed casualty ward for the participants having anaphylaxis.

The 11 vaccination sites are as – two in INU, two at BMRCI, two at PMSSY, two based in Victoria Hospital, one at Vilas Hospital and two at the Government Dental College.

For any cases of emergency or to deal with anaphylaxis, there is a ready set-up with an ambulance and a five-member central team. Also, the Government Hospital at the Mysuru Road which will be vaccinating 60 healthcare workers has been mapped to Victoria Hospital for any adverse events. There are 600 staff members and 3 sites at the KC Hospital for the vaccination process. “Two vaccination sites will be inside the hospital and the third will be in a container ICU that was recently set up. Pandals have been set up for a waiting area. There’s vaccine hesitancy among our staffers, so we don’t know how many of them will turn up on the actual day,” said Dr B R Venkateshaiah, medical superintendent at KC General Hospital. He said, “A 10-bed ward adjacent to the first vaccination site has been set up for anaphylaxis.”

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