Biden ahead of Trump in the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Georgia;Gets more security

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Former Vice-President and current Presidential candidate Joe Biden has a lead over President Donald Trump in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania and Georgia, inching him closer to the 270 electoral college votes, with which he will win the 2020 US Presidential election.

As per the latest update given by CNN, 27,396 votes are in favor of Joe Biden and 3,760 votes were in favour of Donald Trump, from the 31,412 votes tallied. Biden has gone ahead of Trump with 87 % of the votes inclining towards him, and is leading with 5,587 votes in Pennsylvania.

The situation in Georgia, much similar, with Biden ahead of Trump by a count of over 1,500 votes, which is going to go for recounting.

More security for Joe Biden

With Biden taking lead, and the rising probability of him emerging victorious in the elections, the US Secret Service has extended additional security around him on Friday, according to Washington Post.

An extra squad of agents were sent by the US Secret Service towards Wilmington, which has the campaign headquarters of Biden, as Biden’s victory was highly anticipated to be declared on Friday over Donald Trump.

The Secret Service, which comes under Department of Homeland security is responsible for protecting the White House and other senior government officials visiting other officials. Earlier, in July, when Biden had won the Democratic Party presidential primaries.

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