October 1, 2022

Bihar Cabinet grants approval for creation of 103 new nagar panchayats

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Bihar Cabinet has given their approval for the proposal passed to create 103 new nagar panchayats and eight new nagar parishads, further upgrading of 32 nagar panchayats to nagar parishads and also permitted five nagar parishads to be municipal corporations.

The State Cabinet has further passed the proposal to expand 12 Nagar Nikay. The Bihar cabinet had earlier passed the decision of providing free Covid-19 vaccine in the state on its availability, which was a promise given by the ruling Bharatiya Janta Party in the Bihar Assembly elections. In the strong 243 seats Legislative Assembly, the National Democratic Alliance got a 125 seat-majority.

As assured in the manifesto released by Nitish Kumar, the Cabinat has further given the green signal for the proposal of creating 20 lakh employment opportunities in the private and public sectors.

The state government is also working towards launching a specific scheme to promote entrepreneurship among the women. The government will be providing an interest free loan for as much as 50 per cent of their project or the maximum amount of Rs 5 Lakh along with the subsidy of 50 per cent of Rs 5 lakh of the cost of the project.

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