Bihar minister accuses Bangladesh treaty, Farakka barrage over the rising floods and droughts

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Bihar’s water resources minister Sanjay Kumar Jha had accused the treaty with Bangladesh over sharing the Ganga waters and the disrupted design of the Farakka barrage for floods which happened in the state during the monsoon season and drough-like situation which went on throughout the year.

The Farakka barrage has several times been lashed for floods happening in Bihar caused by excessive siltation in Ganga.

During a seminar, Jha said, “Faulty design of the Farakka barrage has led to a heavy deposit of silt in the Ganga in the upstream up to Buxar. This leads to flooding of the entire plain along the river’s course during the rains. Post-monsoon, Bihar rivers have to supplement the quantum of flow in the Ganga to provide 1400 cusec of water… the original flow in the river gets reduced to just 400 cusecs as it enters the state.”

He quoted chief minister Nitish Kumar’s pre-pledge for catering water to every farm for the upcoming five years and stated that Bihar will be the leading state after Punjab and Haryana for receiving the benefits of the Green Revolution. Jha said, “…the state government is working on ambitious projects like Jal-Jeevan-Haryali and Har Khet Ko Pani for sustainable development of rural economy…” He added that the groundwork to cater water to every farm which will be initiated in April.

Jha iterated about a detailed survey regarding the subject was started on January 18 across Bihar. He said, “So far, 58% of rural areas have been surveyed and 12,188 schemes have been finalised…after technical feasibility reports. However, a comprehensive strategy over the way to irrigate the farms would be decided later…”

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