August 17, 2022

Bruhat Bengaluru set to extend further the municipal area

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Bengaluru’s municipal area is all set to widen further by 1-kilometre radius which will include the outlying villages and suburbs, with which it is anticipated that the property rates will elevate in the outskirts of Bengaluru.

In the Legislative Assembly meeting held on Wednesday, joint house committee presented its report on the BBMP Bill, and was a key recommendation in the assembly meeting. The advanced bill will be implemented in the regions of Bengaluru, which is presently under the governance of Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act.

The joint house committee led by BJP’s S Raghu, iterated on expanding further the current city limits by a radius of one kilometre. This move will include the gram panchayats, town panchayats, town municipal councils and city municipal councils which are presently on the other side of the city’s limits.

The suggestion will be incorporated in the BBMP Bill, which has a proposal already about elevating the count of municipal wards from 198 to 243.

This move of further extension considering the BBMP Bill, will be a way of generating higher revenues for civic body through taxation on newer properties. The bill further iterates on having a novel governance structure for Bengaluru, which includes a tenure of 30 months for mayor, chief commissioner, zonal committees’ and so on. The zonal committees will get the hold to permit and enforce projects based on solid waste management, street lights and other public infrastructure.

The Bill has been noted as a weapon by the BJP government for further prolonging the BBMP elections, whose tenure completed in September.

“I am afraid that the proposed BBMP Bill, which was drafted in supersonic speed, does not answer a fundamental question: How will the city’s governance structure be improved?” said MLA Krishna Pyre Gowda, a member of the joint house committee.

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