BS Yediyurappa: Illegal mining should be stopped across Karnataka

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Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Sunday declared that illegal mining throughout the state. For anyone running the operations of mining in an illegal manner, they need to file for an application, and the respective department will proceed with the verification, he further added.

Yediyurappa’s comment was misquoted, as he revealed that he had not said about him legalizing the illegal quarries.

He said, “The road and the highway constructions require gravels from quarries. But, the crushers should be set up under guidelines and within the legal framework.”

Yediyurappa iterated that in any situation the shortage of gravel happens, the cost of construction will be elevated.

He later commented on the paper leak incident regarding the First Division Assistant (FDA) examination of the Karnataka Public Service Commission. He said, “I will order a probe into this and will take stern action.”

Regarding the proposed protest of farmers on Republic Day under Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha (KRRS), which is the farmers’ movement to show support to their counterparts protesting against the three controversial laws to be revoked, he said, “I will not disturb their protest, but their protest should be peaceful. The BJP-government is a pro-agrarian community.”

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