BU syndicate castigates V-C for violation of rules

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Amid the syndicate meeting conducted on Saturday at the Bangalore University, heated arguments were observed between the members and Vice-Chancellor. The meeting discussion lasted for seven long hours.

During the meeting, the members objected several decisions which were pushed ahead by Prof K R Venugopal, Vice-Chancellor, which supposedly bypassed the statutory officers and syndicate.

The Saturday’s meeting had 80 agendas, from which only one was cleared by the members deliberating on its importance.

Prem Jain, a syndicate member said, “We have agreed to clear one agenda related to affiliation and renewal of affiliation of colleges as Monday is the last date to submit Local Inspection Committee reports to the government.” From the 283 colleges, the syndicate took a call to refrain from giving the university affiliations to 17 citing their current score, which was below 35. This has been further passed on to the government who will take the final action.

The members have objected to the orders directed by Prof Venugopal which includes promotion of group D employees into the group C, surpassing the registrar.

Gopinath R, another syndicate member said, “The matter was approved in the previous syndicate meeting, but the vice-chancellor made the assistant registrar sign the orders, even though the registrar (administration) was on duty that day.”

He further said, “This is how the vice-chancellor is taking illegal decisions and misusing his power. We demand he clarify to the syndicate the decisions taken by him.”

“The V-C said he is answerable to the governor,” stated another syndicate member.

The other allegation raised against Prof Venugopal was him writing whatever he wanted regarding the proceedings adhering to the syndicate meeting.

Meanwhile, Prof Venugopal was not available to comment over the allegations raised against him.

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