Centre decides 30 crore people in priority group for vaccine administration, free of cost

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As Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech inches closer to February launch of Covaxin, the country will have it’s first vaccine available in India, which pushes the Centre to make a final call on the delivery procedure of the vaccine, which also includes deciding on the priority groups, who will receive the vaccine first and free of cost.

A blueprint has been set up by the expert committee. Union health minister Harsh Vardhan had direct all the states to determine the priority groups. In the first phase, thd vaccine will be available for 30 crore people centred in the priority groups. The population has been categorized in four groups based on priority.

The priority list first comprises of 1 crore health professionals which includes physicians, nurses, ASHA workers and MBBS students as well.

The second group will be the 2 crore frontline workers which includes municipal corporation employees, police force and personnel representing the armed forces

The third priority will include twenty six crore population belonging to above 50 age group, as they are highly prone to getting contracted with Covid-19. 

The fourth category is the special category below age group 50 years, having co-morbidities.

The vaccines administered to all the four categories of people in the priority list will be free of cost.

The Centre has directed all the states to build a force for streamlining the vaccination drive for which the already built eVIN (Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network) platform. The beneficiaries will be followed by Aadhar, however any photo identity can be issued, if they do not have Aadhar.

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