Centre issues guidelines for Vaccination Day 1 to rest for atleast half an hour

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For all the healthcare workers who will be vaccinated on the first day ((today) of the vaccination drive as India commences with the emergency use authorization drive, the Health Ministry has issued guidelines which direct the beneficiaries to take rest for at least half an hour post administering of the vaccine.

The vaccination sites will be comprising of three zones which will be marked – Waiting, Vaccination and Observation. Post the vaccine administration, the healthcare workers are recommended to stay at the vaccination site as the effects of the shots will be monitored. The protocols of Covid-19 measures in regions where more than one person will be present, will be to follow the norms of social distancing and wearing of masks.

India will commence with the largest vaccination drive against the deadly Covid-19 with essential precautions to be taken. The Centre has released details about the age, medical and physical conditions which would not be suitable for vaccination. The preparations are ongoing with the vaccinators and officials also given the training to deal with the incident Adverse Event following immunisation (AEFI).

As the ministry had given the list of the possible side effects after administering Covishield which is tenderness, pain at the site of vaccine administration, headache, fatigue, malaise, pyrexia, chills, arthralgia nausea and headache. Covaxin, on the other hand, may cause injection site pain, headache, fatigue, fever, abdominal pain, nausea, cold, cough and site swelling.

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