Centre to address the farmers in local languages about the benefits of farm laws

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The Narendra Modi led Union government along with Union Agricultural Minister Narendra Singh Tomar are reaching out to the farmers in the country who are protesting against the three farm laws passed by the Centre with an eight-page letter to the protesters which is a benefit to the farmers to be translated into various vernacular languages for making it easy to understand.

According to sources, the letter written by Centre was particularly addressed to Hindi speaking states will now be passed on to the farming community throughout the country to have their support for their farm laws and to explain the issues to the farmers in the language that is acquainted to them.

The ruling party has made a decision to translate the letter of the Union Agriculture Minister, with comprehensive details about the benefits of the new farm laws particularly in the common vernacular languages.

“As many don’t read or write Hindi in non-Hindi speaking states, demand has come from states to translate it in English first, and later to the vernacular languages spoken in various states respectively,” a source said.

The move is to ensure that the government’s motive and facts pertaining to the current agriculture laws passed should be extended to every farmer of the country, especially the non-Hindi speaking states like Telangana, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Karnataka or Kerala.

“It’s an attempt to let farmers know that the laws are in their favor unlike being propagated by the Left parties and the Congress,” the source added.

Earlier, Narendra Singh Tomar had written an open letter addressing the farmers about the three farm laws and giving a clear warning ti the protesters about being used by the Opposition Parties.

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