Chaluvaraya Swamy: Congress would fight for the people, regarding the electricity tariff hike

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The Karnataka Government announced a hike in the power tariff, earlier last week. The approval passed by The Karnataka Regulatory Commission, revised the power tariff by 5.4 % increase starting from November 1.

The opposition parties criticized the move announced by BJP-led state government. Congress spokesperson, N Chaluvaraya Swamy condemned the hike passed by the state government for electricity tariffs.

N Chaluvaraya Swamy, told The Newsnap, “The hike in the electricity tariff has put a heavy burden on the general public and the farmers.”

He added, “People are yet to come out of Corona’s economic hardship..”

At the present financial crisis induced by the Covid-19 pandemic, Chaluvaraya Swamy raised the question, about the risen necessity that has pushed the government to hike the power tariff.

The financial burden and the requirements of the power corporation must be settled by the state government, He said. He further iterated, people do not need to raise the electricity rates during economic hardships.

He further gave a clear warning to the state government, stating the Congress party would support the people and fight for them, if the rate hike was not stopped immediately.

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