Chaos among the masses with panic buy as lockdown to resume in a few hours

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As the state of Karnataka is going to impose another 14-day lockdown due to the surge in the cases commencing on Tuesday night, people are making their way to the railway stations, central bus stations and also were queued in at toll plazas along the national highway to board vehicles to reach their respective homes.

In all the major cities, the people had gathered in large numbers and panic buying at vegetable markets and grocery shops in all major cities to stock up on the essentials. The state government of Karnataka took the call of imposing a lockdown post the recommendations given by the Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19 which would help in breaking the transmission chain of the deadly virus.

At the heart of the Bengaluru city on Majestic bus stand, holding their luggage bags, families and students were boarding the KSRTC buses, which brought a clear memory of 2020 where there was panic among the people with the commencement of lockdown to reach their villages and hometowns.
According to the information given by Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Officer to PTI, the government has mentioned distinctly public transport such as metro train and buses will not be operational and the only exception will be the city buses on contractual services to help commute employees of specific companies who are associated to the food processing and manufacturing sector.

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