China organizes virtual meeting with Pak, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh for fighting with Covid-19 together

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China, with the objective of discussing joint key strategies to tackle Covid-19 and enhancing the economic progress, organized a high-level virtual meeting with countries Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka with ‘political consensus’.

The Chinese foreign ministry, termed the meeting with the countries as the ‘five-parties’ meeting, as revealed in a late night statement. The ‘five-parties’ meeting is an extension of a similar meeting and discussion held in July with the countries Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, and the host of the meeting was foreign minister, Wang Li.

This meeting was convened by Luo Zhaohui, Chinese vice-foreign minister, who is the China’s ex-ambassador to India.

An official statement released by Chinese Foreign Ministry stated, “To jointly defeat Covid-19, protect people’s life, safety and health, and accelerate economic and social recovery and development, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka convened a vice-ministerial-level video conference on Covid-19 response on November 10.”

The statement further added, “The five parties had in-depth exchanges on cementing the political consensus on jointly fighting Covid-19, enhancing cooperation on containing the coronavirus and restoring economic development and movement of people, and achieved positive results.”

The Chinese announcement inclined towards the significance of having more projects advanced towards the Belt and the Road Initiative (BRI), President Xi Jinping’s multi-billion dollar infrastructure projecting involving inter-continental targets.

Regarding urging India’s membership for BRI, India has blatantly denied the proposals of China citing the issues pertaining to sovereignty, making it the only South Asian country who is not a part of the initiative.

The Chinese statement further revealed, “Infrastructure connectivity under the framework of the BRI will be advanced at a faster pace. Smooth transportation of goods at border ports will be facilitated with sufficient containment measures in place.”

The statement iterated on the support and assistance Beijing would be willingly providing to the four countries with reference to testing, diagnostics, treatment, medicine and will persistently circulate them the containment supplies assistance.

“In a spirit of mutual trust, openness and win-win cooperation, the five parties welcome other regional countries to join the cooperation against Covid-19 and are ready to engage in dialogue and communication with them,” the statement further added.

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