Colombia: Over 60 LGBTQ+ people assassinated by 8 months in 2020

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A minimum of 63 people from the community of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex in Colombia were killed in 2020 by the month of August, as told by the Andean country’s human rights expert on Tuesday. Alongside, there has also been an increase in the other forms of violence.

From the killed civilians, there were 12 gay men, one transgender man, 17 transgender women, 6 lesbian women. The group also consisted of people who cannot specify their sexual orientation or gender identity, though they are categorized into LGBTQ or intersex community, according to the human rights organization.

The organization has recorded around 388 cases of violence from the period of January to August for the LGBTQ community via physical or psychological attacks following the 2019 record of 309 people. It was revealed from the organization’s findings that 36 cases were triggered by the police officers. The organization has reported the same to the government and will together put forth a plan of action to stop the violence and discrimination encountered by the LGBTQ+ and intersex community.

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