COVID-19 Vaccine would be available to the State by early 2021: Dr.K.Sudhakar

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COVID vaccine is expected to be available by early 2021 and everyone in the state would be vaccinated. Health & family welfare and medical education minister Dr K Sudhakar told.

Speaking to reporters after meeting with representatives of AstraZaneca, AstraZaneca has signed an agreement with the Seram Organization of Pune to conduct a clinical trial of the vaccine. The trial is being conducted internationally in collaboration with Oxford University. It is also a contract with JSS in Mysore. The first phase of the trial was successfully completed 56 days ago. The second and third phase of the vaccine will be conducted on 1,600 people across the country. He said the agency has requested more and more people to be vaccinated

Preparation of vaccine delivery in the state is discussed. The minister explained that the agency has said it has the potential to vaccinate 100 crore people.

A technical committee comprising health experts, technicians and suppliers has been formed in collaboration with the Union Ministry of Health and the committee will advise on the supply, procurement and delivery of the vaccine. In the first phase, all health workers in the state will be vaccinated, while the elderly, other co-morbidities, pregnant and pregnant women will be vaccinated.

Free vaccine for the people of the state Karnataka

There is now debate about vaccine rates. “Our government has borne the cost of the COVID test and the cure, and we are committed to vaccinating everyone in the state for free.”

Over the past ten days since I took over the health account, there has been a significant decrease in the incidence of coronavirus infection and COVID mortality. Some people are skeptical about this. We haven’t done any work to differentiate the numbers. He said that the World Health Organization had commended the Karnataka government for being very transparent.

Other factors

  • Vaccine is still under trial. So the vaccine rate is not discussed. AstraZaneca claims the company is not vaccinating for profit.
  • COVID did not give any wrong information in the statistic. The World Health Organization also appreciates the information provided by our government is transparent.
  • Must comply with COVID precautionary measures during the winter months of November, December and January.

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