CWC reveals recent forecast on flood for Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh

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The Central Water Commission (CWC) has revealed the latest forecast about the flood warnings for the upcoming 24 hours in the regions based in Tamil Nadu (coastal) and Andhra Pradesh (South Coastal) on Tuesday.

In a tweet, the CWC Official Flood Forecast stated, “Flash Flood Guidance Outlook has been issued for next 24 hours and for subsequent 12 hours issued by IMD that is valid till November 25th at 11:30 hours. Various households in Coastal Tamil Nadu and South Coastal Andhra Pradesh are appended.”

The tweet further added, “Situation is under constant watch and surveillance.”

Earlier, on November 23, the CWC urged the officials for managing a vigil in reservoirs whenever there is a heavy rainfall citing the near complete saturation of catchments and there ought to be separated out part from Chembarambakkam reservoir.

CWC further gave the information the flood like situation can similarly be in rivers downstream.

CWC, Chennai iterated, “Vigil has to be kept in reservoirs during high intensity rainfalls catchments are nearly saturated. Further intense rainfall will lead to Chembarambakkam reservoir leading to spill and flood-type situation in rivers downstream.

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