Denied permit in Aero India, fans turn to ‘free’ rooftop galleries

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For the huge count of aviation buffs who would be denied permit in Yelahanka Air Base for this year, the people would turn to the highrise rooftops and treetops which are in the vicinity of the venue of the airshow, though this time it is anticipated the count will be very high.

Apart from the business deals, stalls and static displays, it is the spectacular aerobatic displays which attract a large number of visitors for all the airshows.

The Surya Kirans and Sarangs surpassed each other to leave a lasting memory for the viewers. Alongside tough competition was given by the foreign teams in this aerial tussle for maximum eyeballs.

However, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, there has not been any registration of a foreign acrobatic team for this year. The only followed ritual like every year for the fans will be blended aerobatics of Surya Kirans and Sarangs.

The high-rise buildings near the sloping heights of the Ballari Road cater to good vantage points for the people to view the aerial displays. A lot of the big trees have been evaded, but the excitement of the crowd leads them to take the adventurous leap onto billboard frames and ground elevations as the flying machine rises high in the air.

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