Doctors’ association will mark “Black Day” on June 1 to protest against Ramdev’s comments

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A doctors’ association has initiated the call to have a nationwide protest against the comments passed by yoga guru Baba Ramdev. According to the release issued by the Federation of resident doctors’ Association (FORDA), June 1 will be observed as “Black Day”.

FORDA stated the decision of the protest has been taken to convict the “derogatory and distasteful statements” given by Baba Ramdev. They also added the patient care will not be jeopardized during the day-long protest of the doctors.

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has raised objections over Ramdev’s comments made in the last week and urged them to take strong action against him.

In a 14-page complaint addressed to the Centre, IMA said, “It is stated that the accused being a businessman, in order to take advantage of the present situation and his large public following, is wilfully and deliberately advancing dishonest representations… about allopathy and modern medicine… and to swindle them into parting with their monies by taking Swami Ramdev’s unapproved and dubious drugs.”

The war of words was initiated when Ramdev termed allopathy as a “stupid science” while giving an interview. IMA lashed out at his remarks and demanded an unconditional apology, which Ramdev had to present by Sunday after a warning was given by Union Health Minister.

In a statement, the association had said, “IMA brings to the notice of our Health Minister, a video circulating in social media portraying, the celebrated Yoga Guruji saying that ‘modern allopathy ek aisi stupid aur diwaliya science hai’ (modern allopathy is a stupid and failed science).”

Earlier, last week on Wednesday, IMA urged PM Modi to take strict action against Baba Ramdev’s move of spreading misinformation regarding the Covid-19 vaccines, which led to people deceived by him attacking ASHA workers who were immunizing people, according to PTI.

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