Donald Trump indecisive about hosting G7 summit

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According to the three diplomatic sources, who revealed on Wednesday regarding the outgoing United States President Donald Trump being indecisive and yet not scheduled any date or planned for the summit of Group of Seven (G7) advanced economies. Earlier, the summit scheduled for a June date was canceled due to the on-going Coronavirus pandemic.

Trump has not finalized regarding the G7 summit, but time is running out with respect to holding a major summit, which needs to be scheduled prior to him handing over the power on January 20, revealed one of the diplomatic sources.

According to the revelation of the three diplomatic sources, there was not any possible choice of dates selected by the Trump administration for the G7 summit. Though, a virtual meeting can be scheduled, but no announcement regarding the same has been formalized.

The White House staff did not provide any comments on the same.

Britain, who would be in-charge of Presidency in January next year, congratulated to-be President Biden and also formally invited him for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Scotland for 2021 and also G7 summit.

Donald Trump had canceled for the June scheduled summit in March citing the emerging Covid-19 pandemic and planned to reschedule it, which came to halt over the disinterest of German leader Angela Merkel and rising concerns of leaders of the other countries.

One of the sources revealed, Trump intended to host the summit post the presidential elections, but no execution is through the word.

Terming G7 as a very ‘outdated group of countries’, Trump said he would extend the invitation for Australia, Russia, South Korea and India.

The G7 group of countries, originally, includes United States, Britain, France, Japan, Germany, Italy and Canada along with the European Union, which was initiated in 1975, without Canada in the first place.

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