Dr Reddy collaborates with Rockwell for 750 freezers for Sputnik V vaccine storage

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Dr Reddy’s Laboratories has strategically collaborated with Rockwell Industries in Hyderabad, specializing in the manufacture of commercial cold chain appliance, to supply vaccine freezers for cold storage of the Russian Covid-19 vaccine Sputnik V throughout India.

They have formalized a deal to supply a minimum of 750 Covid-19 vaccine freezers for several hospitals and institutions throughout the country. Dr Reddy’s Laboratories had earlier partnered with Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which is marketing Sputnik V globally, for distribution of the first 250 million doses of the vaccine.

Earlier, on May 14, Dr Reddy declared a limited pilot soft launch for the Russian vaccine across India, before the commercial launch scheduled in later part of June, among other things, facilities for cold chain storage.

The freezer has a pivotal role regarding the safety and potency of the vaccine, as Sputnik V needs to be stored at a temperature of – 18 degree Celsius for being stable and potent.

Ashok Gupta, managing director of Rockwell Industries Ltd. said, “This is a huge endorsement for our Covid-19 vaccine freezer. Our technology ensures that Sputnik V’s storage management at vaccine centres meets the stringent refrigeration standards set forth by Sputnik V manufacturers.”

Rockwell will also cater to end-to-end logistics, after sales and service support for the vaccine freezers throughout India.

Director of Rockwell Industries Ltd., Prateek Gupta stated, “Rockwell is working closely with Dr. Reddy’s to develop & provide wireless IOT based controllers and data loggers which can give access to real time data of temperature and performance for the Vaccine Freezers assuring the vaccine storage conditions in each location across the country.”

Prateek added, “We have a capacity to manufacture about 1,000 machines per day. We are in the process of exporting our Vaccine Freezers to various developed countries including an initial pilot deal with Japan.”

Several hospitals like AIG Hospitals, Apollo, Omega and Care Hospitals have been using the vaccine freezers for storage and several other hospitals and institutions are working on it as Sputnik V will be launched commercially in the country.

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