Dr Sudhakar appeals to young doctors willing to study abroad to serve rural India

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Health and Education Minister of Karnataka, Dr. K Sudhakar, while addressing the 11th convocation ceremony of JSS Higher Education and Research Academy in Mysuru on Wednesday stated that doctors should be willing to provide service in the rural areas as nearly 70 per cent of the population resides in Rural India.

With the mandate rule passed by the Government for postgraduate medical students to provide service to rural India, 2500 medicos will be graduating and he said the doctors are expected to be responsible towards rural India considering humanitarian grounds.

Many doctors have appealed against this policy. To this, the minister advises the students are free to study abroad but should return and serve their mother land after completion of studies.

Speaking about the present doctor to masses ratio, Sudhakar said there is one doctor for every 11 – 12 thousand people in the state. Comparing the state statistics, he said according to WHO, there needs to be one doctor for thousand people.

He further said Prime Minister Narendra Modi led government has passed the approval for establishing 150 medical colleges in the last six years.Further, more 17,000 seats have been added for post graduate medical students.

He further spoke about the management of Covid-19, in the state and the country, which has been done quite well.

JSS institutions have been prestigious academic institutions in Karnataka and provided 1,800 bedded hospital and staff for the purpose of fighting the deadly Covid-19 infection.

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